Vicky James has recently founded Sugaring DIY, online business marketing Sugaring (not waxing) Unisex hair removal home kits


Sugaring Kits recommended for any part of the body and face

100% Natural

A luxurious natural hair removal sugaring paste
Manufactured in the UK
SLS & Paraben Free
100% Water Soluble
Recyclable packaging

25 years' experience as a
Sugaring Practitioner

I am passionate about sugaring (not waxing) and, in my experience, this method of hair removal surpasses any other treatment, due to its natural ingredients.
I was inspired to create a Unisex Brand when I discovered a gap in the market. 
Our products are made locally, which not only limits our impact on the environment via transportation, but also supports local business and our packaging is also recyclable.
Vicky James
Victoria Essentials

Perfect for....

gentle and effective hair removal, whilst also exfoliating the skin.
Leaves your skin healthier, silky, smoother with no stubbly re-growth.
Your skin feels luxurious and more supple.
You feel hygienic.

Storage of product

To ensure longevity of the product always securely replace lid while storing.  This is a natural product and will deteriorate with exposure to the air and water.

Client Testimonials

I am using the sugar wax on my face and finding it less messy than the wax I use on my legs, and much more easy to use.  I was very pleased with your top tip to reuse the paper strips. 
Katherine, Milton Keynes

"What a handy product.  I regularly have my legs & bikini line sugared but find I am now getting unwanted chin hairs that need removing.  I can use this Sugaring DIY home kit for these.  The instructions are easy to follow and once you get the knack the hairs come out! Perfect" Charlotte from MK

"Thank you for the Sugaring DIY kit.  Lovely neat compact recyclable packaging, everything you need.  Having not done this before we found the instructions very easy to follow, quickly picked up this technique, results are great.The sugar paste really grips each hair and love the fact it washes off so easily from your fingers" Rachel from Wiltshire

"Ordered my Sugaring DIY kit, extremely pleased, clear instructions, all equipment required for multiple use & very easy to use. Natural & Vegan product.  Packaging is recyclable too! I would highly recommend this kit"  Mic from Northants

"Vicky, thanks for the wonderful Sugaring DIY Kit.  As you can see from the photos the results are great.  I have sensitive skin and within half an hour my skin was back to its normal colour". Ruth